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Shipments are charged based on the total of five (5) fees:

  1. The weight ($3.00/lb for non-members and $2.55/lb for members) -OR- the dimensional size of the shipment determined by the equation ( ( Length x Width x Height ) / 166 ), whichever is larger. If orders are below 15 lbs and of equally small dimensional size, a minimum of $35 will be charged.
  2. A brokerage fee of $45 for non-members and ONLY $25 for members per consolidated shipment.
  3. Customs duty, which varies based on the product. Follow the link to view the estimated Duty Rates on your shipment, or contact the Nassau office at 242-702-0241 or *protected email*.
  4. Purchasing fees are 15% for non-members and ONLY 10% for members of the total value purchased, including taxes and miscellaneous fees.
  5. Pick-Up/Drop-Off costs are based on the roundtrip time PLUS mileage, as follows:
    • Mileage: $0.50/mile
    • Time: $30/half hour

Loading shipment in Ft Lauderdale

ZIPX Bahamas Ltd - Nassau
(Located at Odyssey Aviation)
Coral Harbour Rd
Nassau, Bahamas
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Mon - Fri
T: (242) 702-0241
F: (242) 362-0029

ZIPX Management Inc - Ft Lauderdale
(Ft Laud Exec Airport off Commercial Blvd)
1535 South Perimeter Rd - Hangar 36A
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309
Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Mon - Fri
T: (954) 489-9188
F: (954) 489-9187

*ZipX Management Inc is an Independent Contractor.

I manage the maintenance of a Sailing Yacht, Amphibious Airplane, and have a Residence in Nassau, Bahamas.  ZIPX has provide…
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