Shipping Regulations & Restrictions

To ensure the safety of our passengers, pilots, planes, and goods, we need to keep the plane in balance, and therefore will forward shipments based on space and weight available to keep within these safety requirements.  In addition to this safety concern, please review our policies below concerning our:  Cut Off Time, Space and Weight Limitations, Perishable/Urgent Shipments, Hazmat Goods, Exportation Requirements (High Value Invoice, $2500 and above), Importation Requirements, Holding Fees, Non-Operational Dates, and Air Waybills.

Cut Off Time

For items to be considered for same day delivery, they must be received no later than 9:00 AM with an invoice the morning of the flight.  If shipping through UPS or FedEx, you must choose the Early AM delivery for it to be received in time.

Space and Weight Limitations

Due to limitations of the aircraft, special arrangements and notice are required for orders/items of large weight (over 200 lbs) and/or dimensions exceeding 75” total, adding the length, width, and height to ensure it will fit in our aircraft, as it may need to go by vessel otherwise. Orders received that are too big for our aircraft will be forwarded to a third party vessel for shipping. Costs incurred for re-delivery to the port will be forwarded on to the customer unless other arrangements are made by the customer.

Perishable/Urgent Shipments

Perishables and urgent orders must be received by 10 AM the morning of the flight and will be prioritized; however, we require 24 hour notice of their weight and dimensions to reserve space for them.  For Monday shipments, notice must be received by 3pm on Friday, or near a holiday, notice is required during business hours on the last day open prior to the shipment.  See our non-operational schedule for any upcoming closures.  Please forward these details to *protected email* or call 954-489-9188 to ensure space and weight is available or if an additional charter can be arranged.

Also, please note that the independent contractor, ZipX Management Inc, nor ZipX Bahamas Ltd  are  responsible for the spoilage of items not received by the 10 am cut off time, as we do not have storage for perishables, and therefore may refuse shipments that come later, unless other transportation/storage can be scheduled in a timely manner.

Hazmat Goods

We do not carry hazmat goods on our aircraft and therefore forward all hazmat materials through a third party.  Because of this, we do not have control over additional costs incurred or scheduling provided by the third party.

All hazmat materials require an Invoice and Materials Safety and Data Sheets (MSDS) associated with the order prior to shipping through our third party. Please forward these materials promptly to *protected email* or fax to 954-489-9187.

If you have any questions or concerns over whether your shipment may contain hazmat goods, you can view this List of Common Items that May Be Hazardous. Please note that this is just an abbreviated list of common items and does not include the full listing of hazmat articles.  For an official determinant of your good(s), please obtain the Materials Safety and Data Sheets (MSDS) of the good(s) in question and forward it to the independent contractor, ZipX Managment Inc, at *protected email* or fax to 954-489-9187 for review.


Lithium Ion Batteries:

These items are frequently found inside mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops, and are considered Hazmat goods; however, as long as ALL the following provisions are met, they can be shipped normally with ZipX Bahamas Ltd, and are considered not-restricted.

  • Individual cells cannot exceed 100 Watt Hours, and no one box can exceed over 100 Watt Hours as a consolidated shipment.  This information can generally be obtained from the product’s manual.  If we need to re-package your shipment to ensure each box does not exceed this maximum capacity, additional fees may apply.
  • Boxes containing lithium ion batteries MUST contain the ‘Lithium Ion Battery Handling Label’ on the outside of the box from the original shipper completed with a contact number for emergencies.  Without this sticker, the shipment is considered Hazmat, and will have to be forwarded through a third party Hazmat shipper, and additional fees may apply.
  • On a shared passenger/cargo flight, lithium ion batteries are only allowed in certain compartments, and if the shipment cannot fit in these designated areas, it must wait to be shipped on a cargo only flight, or the next shared flight that can accommodate the shipment.

In lieu of these mandates, please make sure to tell the seller that the shipment is ultimately being exported by air, and their obligation to make it compliant for air transport, as ground regulations are currently different, so they may no9t be required to meet these provisions to ship it to our Ft Lauderdale location but these shipments will have to meet these provisions to forward on to Nassau.

Passengers:  Please note that any items containing lithium ion batteries must now accompany you on persons or in your carry-on baggage, and that any other batteries, either on persons or in both carry-on and checked baggage, not in original packaging will require the cells to be covered.  Please ask you ZipX Management Inc. representative for assistance upon check-in.  Additionally, your signage is now required upon check-in at our Ft Lauderdale location stating that you have read, understand, and agree to not be carrying Hazmat material in persons or in baggage.


Exportation Requirements

When ordering shipments totaling over $2500 (including taxes, shipping, handling, etc), it is important to verify that the seller knows the goods are being purchased for export and will provide a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED), as orders over $2500 per Schedule B or those requiring a license must be filed with the US Census Bureau prior to export.  If you, the seller, does not know your Schedule B codes, you may contact the US Census at 1-800-549-0595, Option 2.  Describe each product on your invoice and list their respective Schedule B codes separately along with a description on the SED.  Upon completion, forward the SED to *protected email* or fax to 954-489-9187.

Additionally, if filing is required, the consignee on the invoice needs to submit a Power of Attorney (POA) and a $15 filing fee (Credit Card Authorization Form). Please view these documents for completion and forward them to *protected email* or fax to 954-489-9187. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the independent contractor, ZipX Management Inc, at 954-489-9188 prior to purchasing to ensure no delays will occur with your shipment.

Importation Requirements


Bahamas Customs has implemented its new Value Added Tax (VAT) procedures effective January 1st, 2015.  Follow the link to view the New Customs Procedures, and learn the impact of these changes.  To view the amended duty rates under the new VAT provisions, please click here.

Bahamian Customs requires invoices for the importation of shipments to determine its value and duty.

Invoices Must:

  • Be clearly marked with a description of the items contained therein.
  • Have an itemized cost for each line item on the invoice, regardless of the fact that the items may be used, samples, or complimentary in nature.
  • Discounts of more than 3% are not allowed by Bahamas Customs and will therefore be added back into the total value of your invoice when calculating your duty amount.  Follow the link to view current Duty Rates on common items.

Please forward all invoices for orders to *protected email* or fax to 954-489-9187 242-362-0029 promptly so that they can be reviewed and approved to prevent delays of your shipment.

Further to a memorandum from Bahamas Customs in order to clear goods on your behalf we are required to be your authorized agent. As such we have  been mandated by Bahamas Customs to secure the following from you:

  1. Bahamas Customs Form C-44 duly signed
  2. One of the following:
  • For Bahamian Residents:  a copy of the front and back of your National Insurance Card
  • For Non-Bahamian Residents:  photo identification (preferably a copy of your Passport photo page)
  • For Businesses:  a copy of your valid Business License and a Letter of Good Standing from your National Insurance

            Please forward the above documents to *protected email* or fax to 242-362-0029 promptly so that they can be reviewed to prevent delays of your shipments.  We appreciate your timely submission of the above and thank you for your continued support.

Holding Fees

If shipments are delivered to the Ft. Lauderdale warehouse in error or are ultimately exported through another company besides ZipX Bahamas Ltd or its third party affiliates, a holding fee will be charged for shipments held based on the shipment’s weight or dimension after 48 hours:

After 48 hours, charges to be incurred:

  • Weight or dimension of (up to 200), $15/day
  • Weight or dimension of (200-300), $20/day
  • Weight or dimension of (400+), $25/day

Non-Operational Dates

For proper scheduling of shipments, please review our 2015 Non-Operational Dates, which include the holidays each office will be observing; and therefore the dates we will not have flights.

Air Waybills

You may require an Air Waybill for your shipment to show to the seller in order to be refunded taxes incurred on a purchase.

Air Waybills are generated on the day of shipment and will only be forwarded after the shipment is received in Nassau, cleared, and paid for.

Tax free orders must be coordinated solely with the seller, as ZipX Bahamas Ltd is a foreign entity, and therefore has no ability to withhold taxes, but can provide you with a copy of the Air Waybill as proof of export, which the seller may accept as reason to withhold or credit your taxes on an order.

To request an Air Waybill, complete the form on our ‘Request an Air Waybill’ page, located on our Requests+ drop-down menu or click here.

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